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"I love being married.  It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life". 

                                              - Rita Rudner -

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person".

- Mignon McLaughlin -

Adam has been to thousands of weddings over the years. As a guest, a friend, family member, page boy (very young at the time, I might add), best man and numerous times as an entertainer. To cut a long story short (bit late for that now) he has seen almost every kind of wedding you could possibly think of. From small intimate gatherings to full-scale 'Posh and Becks' style celebrations, Adam has sat through some great weddings and some terrible ones! All in all, he knows weddings, even more so- wedding entertainment! What works, what doesn't and what should work if done right. Over the years in the business, Adam has come to the conclusion that the general consensus seems to be that the bride and groom-to-be want as much content in their wedding as possible, while spending the least amount of money as possible. But by the time you have booked a venue, the church, bought the dresses, the rings, spent vast amounts of money on the food, drinks, hotels, honeymoon, wedding transport, the cake, flowers, invites and countless other wedding accessories, you come to the sudden realization that there are not many pennies left in the pot, and you still haven't sorted out any entertainment. So what do you do? Most times you say, "Oh well, let's just get a cheap DJ and be done with it!" Well if that's you -or you know someone who's going for that option- then STOP!!! We understand that weddings are a costly experience but they are also a joyous one too, so that is why we have so much more to choose from in our many exciting entertainment packages! (Scroll down the page to see for yourself!) We will be able to cater for all your wedding entertainment needs and more. We offer quality, professional entertainment at competitive prices, tailor made to your individual needs. No where else will you find so much entertainment content under one roof. Need a DJ? A singer? A close-up magician? Children's entertainer? A master of ceremonies? For that alone, you'd have to hire five different entertainers, which would end up costing a lot not to mention taking up a lot of your time. With us, it's all right here, and the more content you book, the better the savings!
We are ready to make your wedding, the wedding you really want it to be (without having to re-mortgage the house!)
Now it's just up to you to choose how much you want from us...
Calling all Brides and Grooms, if you need to try before you buy -so to speak- then do not worry, Adam offers informal meet ups in the comfort of his or your own home for any perspective clients where you can see his work in person, ask as many questions as you like or just use it as an excuse to eat his biscuits and drink his tea! Or feel free to come see him at any of his live events or wedding fairs (for more infomation on these contact him or take a look at the Where's Adam page)

 (Below) There was a quiet spell at a wedding fair where Adam was exhibiting, he was sat there twiddling his thumbs when he heard some lovely music. What followed next was completely improvised... Enjoy!

 "Monica Seles: I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night".

- Peter Ustinov - 

 "This day I will marry my best friend. The one I laugh with. Live for. Love. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts".

- William Shakespeare -

 Wedding Packages



Basic Package - On a shoe string


Our state of the art professional disco with well over 40,000 songs, full rig with sound, lights, smoke machine (if allowed at venue) PLUS evening MC/ hosting skills. Cost - £350



Bronze Package - Getting the party started


Our Basic Package but with more lights, PLUS balloon models for kids of all ages! Cost - £380


Silver Package - Great wedding fun


Our Bronze Package PLUS one hours kids entertainment, (this can include party games, party dances, balloon lessons and a full magic show!) if the venue has a spare room/space even better we can keep the younger guests out of the way for a little bit. Cost - £480



Gold Package -Wow, what a wedding!


Our Silver Package PLUS one set of our Rat Pack style singing and one hour of close-up magic. Cost - £600



Platinum Package - Now that’s what I call a wedding!


Our Gold Package with even more lights, PLUS an extra set of our Rat Pack style singing or an extra hour of close-up magic! All this and any one of the starred (*) items listed under Wedding Extras on the wedding page of the website. Cost - £700



Diamond Package – The mother of all weddings! 


Our Platinum Package PLUS Toastmaster for the day, snow machine (if allowed at your chosen venue), as well as discounted rates on anything listed under Extra Entertainment detailed on our website are available at a discounted rates,( subject to availability) and for good measure a selection of money off/discount vouchers for any future events that you may wish to use us for. Oh and why not, go on then have an extra hour of disco on us (up till midnight) £980

KOHINOOR Package – The mother of all weddings.... And then some!

Guaranteed to blow all other weddings away with the total wow factor! No one else can offer all this amazing wedding entertainment at one great price. 

Our Diamond package PLUS fire performances, stilt walker, and one other street style performer (subject to availability), to meet and great, mix and mingle do sets throughout the wedding, that's right it's not just 5 or 6 hours, we will be available for the whole day, start to finish if need be, background music at the church or entertainers greeting your guests as they arrive, entertainment and background music during the wedding breakfast even mic and pa for those all-important speeches, then entertainment during that lull before the evening, often when the photos are being taken, and then full on from the arrival of your evening guests to the end of your wedding PLUS sweet cart or sweet table with loads of sweets and Ferrero Rocher Heart tower with chocolates, one wedding post box or two wedding trees and life size bride and groom balloon models. And for a limited time offer book this package and receive a voucher for 30% off any other bookings you make with us. £1680 




 Wedding Extras



  Candy Floss or Popcorn Machine *


Bored of seeing the same old chocolate fountain at every wedding you go to? Well we offer something different for your guests, comes with as much candy floss or popcorn as the crowds can eat and a friendly, professional member of staff to serve the delicious sweet treats

Candy Cart

We can cater for your sweet toothed guests with our olde fashioned sweet cart. Beautifully decorated, complete with lighting, sweetie bowls and scoops, hand-printed bags and enough sweets to keep the tooth fairy in business! It can also be themed and vegetarian friendly if need be.



Face Painting *


Add that extra little touch to your big day, by having our fantastic top class face-painter on hand to paint some amazing designs and create some wonderful faces – not just for kids!





So you've got everything you need for your wedding day... But what about the simple things... The things that make the whole proceedings run smoothly and flow with so much more professional flair? Well with one our PA systems set up, you can make those all-important speeches and be heard when you most need to be! Maybe a friend or family member is performing for you and your guests but don't have the means to do so? Leave it to us. Or why not use our wonderful, crisp, clear sound system? So you can create that much need ambience, adding just the right background music, to keep a natural relaxed atmosphere throughout the day. Better still have both! Don't worry about having to play with music levels, fade it up or down and stop it for the speeches, or even having to tweak the microphone output for all the different vocal tones, as this all comes with a highly trained sound technician who will be on hand to make sure your day is flawless. The only thing you have to worry about now, is that your wedding speeches go smoothly, are funny, entertaining and are delivered with strong conviction, a defined clarity and that they keep the guests attention, from beginning to end! Worried about the speeches? Then see below.



Speech training *


Did you know the biggest wedding day fear for the groom, best-man and the father of the bride are the dreaded speeches!  Dum -  dum - dum!!! Lets face it, even the wedding guest dread sitting through speech after boring speech. Well we feel the speeches should be no less magical than the rest of the day! And with the right, highly trained, dedicated professional, that is what your wedding day speeches will be. Let our qualified actor brake your speech down into bite sized, manageable pieces and teach you just how to deliver an award winning wedding speech! They will even show you simple relaxation techniques and tips on how to learn your lines and give the best performance of your life! And will be there for you, to help tweak and tidy up your words, even adding a joke or two if needed.



Children’s Entertainment Room

Got lots of Children attending your wedding? Struggling for ideas to keep them occupied? Want your guests with children to enjoy the big day without having to spend most of it running after their kids? Has the venue got an extra room to spare? If you just gave us four yes', then you're either the X-Factor Judges or in need of our help... Don’t panic, we can fix everything with our Children’s Entertainment Room. Just give us a room and we will do the rest! We will keep them entertained with magic show, balloon modelling, games, workshops, face painting, competitions, make & take, storytelling, music, circus skills, interactive iPads, a Wii console and DS's with lots of games and two very talented, trusted, qualified and dedicated members of staff (extra staff may be required depending of the number of children) to oversee all the fun, while keeping the little cherubs happy, cheerful and most importantly out of the way. (Why not add our Sweet Cart to the Children's Entertainment Room or even some close up magic for the adults while the kids are out of the way? All at a greatly discounted rate!)


Master of Ceremonies 


Add that all important touch of class, that je ne sais quoi to your grand day with our very own Master of Ceremonies/Toastmaster. Professional dressed in ceremonial clothes (most commonly noticeable seen in a splendid red tail coat) adding to the pomp and splendor of any wedding. Ensuring the smooth and efficient running of a wedding reception is of the up most importance while all the while providing confidence and a calming influence on the bridal party. Toastmasters are also experts on wedding etiquette and protocol, which will ensure that the members of your bridal party who have roles to fulfill during the reception do so in the right order and without embarrassment and what makes our Toastmaster stand out from the rest? Well other than being highly skilled in all things wedding related and a true professional our Toastmaster is also a Lord!!! .

 Musical Memories *


 A beautifully personalised and unique keepsake of your wonderful day. A Personalised CD of some of the wedding music from the night, including your first dance, second dance (if applicable), a selection of classic tunes from the evenings disco, the last dance of the night and if you had our Rat Pack singing, two tracks of this will also be included on this wonderfully unique item. The CD will have a printed cover marking the occasion, track list, hard CD case and printed photo (taken by us on the day) on the back sleeve and printed wording on the copy protected CD face. All in all, a truly magical and musical wedding momentum, of your truly momentous day! Extra copies available at discounted rates, makes perfect gifts for family, bridesmaids, best-man or friends that attended the wedding, even for those who unfortunately could not make it but so wanted to be there.



Quick Snap Memories *


Something ever popular to have at weddings are disposable cameras for your guests to use great for catching every aspect of your wedding from varying perspectives. The only thing is, this is something the Bride and Groom have to organize themselves! Haven’t they already got enough on their plate? Don’t fret because we can make this added extra even easier for you! We’ll supply the disposable cameras, place them out for you with a lovely personalised note to the guests, making sure everyone knows they are there to be used, collect them at the end of the night, get them professionally developed and then deliver the final prints to you. We do all the hard work so you can just enjoy the finished results! We will even use one of the disposable camera ourselves, that way you will get some photos from people who have worked at a lot of weddings, and know just what’s good enough to capture on film.


 Wedding Post Box *


For that extra touch of class take advantage of our fantastic Royal Mail Style letter/post box for all of your cards/presents at your wedding reception, guests can post gifts in this little red metal post box. It has 2 shelves and a clasp to hold the door shut. The front panel can even be personalised to suit your special day

Wedding Poems *

Lost for words but want to say something special to your family, friends or even your guests? Then why not let our professional published poet say it for you, whether it be a loving verse to be read out to your nearest and dearest, or a few lines to accompany a gift, what about something heartfelt to be written in a card, even something as simple as a little ditty to have on each of the wedding breakfast tables! Whatever you need saying, let us help by saying it in verse. Each poem is one off and individually catered to you needs, just give us the info and we will do the rest.

 Wedding Website

The worldwide web is becoming ever more popular, and more couples are making their own mini wedding websites these days. This is a good thing, but most don’t end up working or even get finished let alone looking that great! Also they can be painstaking and often very time consuming, something a couple planning a wedding don’t have a lot of. But within the total Wedding Entertainment Package we can sort this all out for you. Now for those of you who don’t know much about having your very own bride and groom mini website or for that matter don’t think you need one, please read on! Having your own mini website is a great way to convey all the wedding details i.e. date, times, venues, food menu, wedding gift list, table seating plan and any other important information you feel your guests should know. It could even act as your wedding invitations and your RSVPs (great way of saving money......and trees!) On top of all that, it makes the whole build up to the wedding even more exciting. It’s an excellent way of keeping everyone involved in your special day, updated on any changes that you might make as the big day draws nearer! Want to remind all the bridesmaids about the dress fittings? Not a problem! Want to let all the lads know about the change of start time for the stag do? Consider it done! Everything’s easy as 1-2-3, with your very own personalised mini website. And don’t worry about all the time and stresses that come with building and managing it, we do all the hard work for you, even any updating! At no extra cost! We even make your site fun and personal with photos, fun facts and those all-important links to your venues, church, hotels, the wedding photographer, and anything else you think is needed on there. 



Extra Entertainment 


Need some extra entertainment to add even more flair to your wedding? Then look no further. We can supply a wide range of other wedding entertainment, including Living Statues, Mime Artists, Caricaturists, Origami Experts, Silhouette Artistry, Tarot Readers, Toastmasters/Master of  Ceremonies, Singing Waiters, Barbershop Quartets, Penny Arcade Machines, Casino Tables, Chocolate Fountains, Photographers, Videographer, Tribute Acts, Ice Sculptures, Extra Wedding Staff, Inflatables, String Quartets, Piano Players, Harpists, Wedding cars/limos, Horse Drawn Carriages, Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes, Flowers, Caterers, Wedding Cheeseboard tiered Cakes, Ice-cream vans, Hair Stylists, make-up artists, Bands, Wedding Invitations, first dance, dance lessons/choreography, nail art, private relaxation therapy, photo booths and much more……just ask, I’m sure Adam and his faithful team will be able to sort it all out for you. 

(Please note all our wedding packages are based on 5 hours, any extra hours will be charged accordingly. Also children under the age of three must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the Children’s Entertainment Room. Extra charge may apply for travel/petrol.  Any good company should be flexible to each clients individual needs, which is why Adam is always happy to change and swap certain things in each wedding package, to suit your requirements.) 

 "There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage". 

                                                                                              - Martin Luther -


Not Just The Wedding


Why just stop at the wedding! we can also cater for the stag and hen night/weekend as well, with many of the above items and entertainers. Other great additions we offer, to make the stag and hen night/weekend go with a bang are rude Balloon Modellers, tour bus, party limos, stunning private shot girls, hunky shot guys, kiss and stripper-grams, naughty Ventriloquists, sexy Clowns, sexy Stilt Walkers, raunchy Fire Acts, racy angle-grinders, party bus, cheeky Magicians, UV and body Painters, After dinner speakers/hosts/compares, Comics, Impressionists, alternative acts, Look-a-likes, Celebrities, Models, Belly Dancers, Exotic Dancers, erotic dancers, Strippers, Showgirls, Burlesque Acts, Drag Acts, private safe cabs/mini buses, Promotional Staff, red carpet Paparazzi and many more interesting ideas to add to your wild and crazy night/weekend! Your wildest suggestions welcome.......we can supply! Book any or our Wedding Packages and receive money off on any hen or stag nights/weekends. So go on make it one to remember. 




Not only can we sort the wedding, the stag and hen nights/weekends out for you, many of the Wedding packages are easily transferable to wedding anniversaries, retirement do's, birthdays, staff parties, proms, leavers ball's, dinner parties, pubs, clubs, wine bars, hotels, retreats, holiday parks, restaurants, private clubs, retirement homes, gala's, openings, launches, banquets, festivals, fetes, fairs, corporate functions and any other celebration or event you could possibly think of.    



So much to choose from for your event! Need more info? Then go to the Contact Adam page or call 07752064100


 “Marriage can sometimes take 5 types of "Rings": Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Suffering, Enduring and from time to time feels like your in a boxing ring”

- Adam Hoffman - 

Adam Hoffman (Professionally keeping the world entertained since 1993)